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Станция очистки WQ-TX500 размер 700*1100*1600 RP

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Цена: 73 493.25 ₴
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RP WQ-TX850 Станция очистки WQ-TX850 размер 700*1100*1800 RPнет в наличии 82 150.00


1.Voltage:AC220V(110V)50-60HZ 2.Power:1.1kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 3.Area Available:6-10m2 4.Absorbing Force:-35kpa 5.Filter Accuracy:99.97% 6.Filter Capacity:25kg/powder 7.Filter Effiecy:6-8m2 8.Refiltering Efficiency:99.99% 9.Absorbing Way:Horizontal Style 10.Filter Cleaning:by pulse blowing(manual/automatic) 11. Weight:150kg 12.Dimension(mm):700*1100*1600 13. Applicability:this machine used for cleaning toner cartridge & reclaim the toner powder ,it also widely used for cleaning the office,it is with the advantage of small size ,low noise

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